September 20, 2020

Secrets of Slim Women

Slim women eat. The secret is in what they eat, the amount of food that they eat and when they eat. Slim women eat 4-6 small meals a day usually consisting of approximately 300 calories or less. A balanced meal with lots of fruits and vegetables is the usual fare of slim women. They begin their days with a healthy breakfast, usually eating it within one hour of waking up. This is usually the biggest meal of the day and would contain the largest serving of carbohydrates allowed for the day. The succeeding meals are consumed not more than 3 hours apart to make sure that your metabolism does not slow down and they drink an adequate amount of water throughout the day. Slim women have a healthy relationship with food and they do not stress themselves over it. Occasionally, they may eat more than what they usually do and may indulge in fatty foods but they know that by tomorrow they’ll be able to revert to their usual meals because they have successfully incorporated a healthy diet into their lifestyle.

Slim women sleep well. Studies show that slim women sleep two hours more per week than overweight people. Researchers suggest that sleep affects the production of appetite suppressing and appetite boosting hormones, as well as interfering with carbohydrate metabolism that promotes storage of body fat. To ensure that you are getting adequate sleep, establish a bedtime schedule that you will be able to adhere to. Relaxation rituals such as taking a warm shower before bed also helps.

Slim women stay active. Even without a fitness plan, slim women stay active by choosing to walk instead of riding, climb up the stairs instead of using the elevator or running around the block if the urge hits them. The exercise regimen of slim women usually include cardio and basic body sculpting exercises that build muscles. Remember that the more muscles you have, the more efficient your metabolism becomes.

Now, you see, there is really no magic formula to stay slim. No new things to try or pills to pop. The secret to staying slim is keeping a healthy and active lifestyle. Everything else follows naturally.

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