October 24, 2020

Useful Slimming Tips

Slimming Tip #1: Use the Power of Water. Appetite is your enemy. If you can curb your appetite you are half way to winning the battle. Drink plenty of water throughout the day but especially before a meal. This will help you to eat less at meal times!

Slimming Tip #2: Eat Small Meals Often. Eat five or six small meals each day instead of three larger ones. This will cause your body to burn calories faster!

Slimming Tip #3: Eat Your Biggest Meal First. If you eat your biggest meal in the evening your body only has a limited amount of time to burn off the calories before bed. Any left over calories will be stored as fat. So have your biggest meal at lunch time so you allow plenty of the day for the calories to be used up.

Slimming Tip #4: Walk Briskly. Exercise is important but of course it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Brisk walking is an excellent way to burn plenty of calories without causing your self too much pain. Twenty minutes a day is plenty. Why not try walking to work or to the shops instead of driving?

Slimming Tip #5: Exercise Early in the Day. If you can exercise in the morning, preferably before breakfast, you will be burning more fat. This is because your body does not have as much carbohydrate available due to your nights sleep with no eating. So if you can, get your exercise done early.

Slimming Tip #6: Don’t Ever Give Up. Loosing weight is tough and you will have days when you just can’t go on! But make sure you don’t stay down. Get back up quickly and go for it again! Make losing weight part of your daily routine and remind yourself of your goals every single day!

Slimming Tip #7: Find the Right Slimming Programme. Make sure you have the right slimming plan for you! Have a good look around and be sure to find one that suits your lifestyle. Sticking to it will be a lot easier if your plan fits in with your every day life. Look for a slimming programme that fits around you! Not the other way around!

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