September 20, 2020

Why You Should Have Slim Body

8 good reasons why you should want to have slim body.

1. Slim people have longer life than obese people

Fat people produce more non-benefit hormone such as leptin and estrogen, these hormones is one of the causes of tumor and cancer. By reducing your weight that mean you reduce the possibilities of having tumor and cancer.

Obese people also have trouble with hypertension, diabetes, heart, and stroke due to blood clog.

2. Slim people have more energy to do their daily activities.

Research from Wake University found that people with waist above 75 cm has reduced muscle strength.

3. Slim people has more confidence

This is what people usually after, the confidence in their self to stand in front of many people without having fear of people them fat.

4. Slim mean more clothes to pick
Choices when you are fat are very limited and you must search for these kind of clothes in certain store that sell extra size, but with slim body you have a various kind of clothes that you can pick.

5. Slim mean preserving your knee

Fat people are in risk of having inflamed knee, research show that fat women have 10% tendency to have this problem and fat men have 5% chance of having this problem.

6. Slim mean more stress free

People that have slim body usually have freer mind because they don’t think their weight too much, fat people would have a lot of time thinking of their weight among other problem they might have.

7. Slim mean more healthy breathing

Overweight can cause breathing problem when sleeping because the fat could push the throat making it difficult to breath.

These fact also supported by research done by Ottawa university, Obese people that lose weight about 10% get their breathing capacity up to 5%, and those who lose about 25% of their weight they gain 10% more of their breathing capacity.

8. Slim mean normal hormone

When you are fat there are chances that it would disturb your normal hormone and could cause these problems: Problem with pregnancy, menstruation, and also making you more masculine or feminine.

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